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45 Mortgage Social Media Post Ideas for Loan Officers [with Examples]

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On its face, social media can look pretty tough. 

Creating new pieces of social media content for your social media accounts can seem difficult, but here's the truth: everyone is talking about the same things.

Loan officers aren't really talking about anything groundbreaking with their social media content, they are talking about all of the same things, just in different ways.

But what to talk about? 

Here we've compiled 45 of the best social media post ideas for loan officers. These are social media posts that not only have the ability to perform well, but speak to what your audience wants to hear from you as a loan officer.

Here you'll find the idea for your post, along with the benefits that type of post gives your audience, along with a sample caption, the best platform for that post, and a great example that we found out in the wild of the social media world.

As you find some posts that you want to implement, consider checking out our Instagram Reels guide and TikTok guide for loan officers for help on getting started.

Gather some great ideas and good luck out there!

Looking for real estate social media posts?

We've got those too -- check out our 47 Real Estate Social Media Post Ideas [with Examples].

1. Educational Mini-series

Create a series of videos that educate your audience on different topics or concepts in the mortgage world.

Benefits: Educates the audience on complex topics in an accessible way, encouraging informed decision-making and positioning the loan officer as a knowledgeable resource.

Example caption: "Let's demystify mortgage rates together! Join our series starting this week. #Mortgage101"

Best platform: TikTok or Instagram Reels

Example post:

@mortgagedadof3 Homebuying Process: Step 4 ✅Locking your interest rate ✅Sigining Upftont Financing Disclosures ✅Appraisal I’ve linked the first 3 if you missed those. @mortgagedadof3 @mortgagedadof3 @mortgagedadof3 #mortgage #mortgagetips #homebuyer #homebuyingtips #loandad3 #bluprinthomeloans #mortgagedadof3 #firsttimehomebuyer #singleparenthousehold ♬ original sound - HomeBuying Tips by Josh Dobson

2. Client Testimonials

Sharing success stories and quotes from happy homeowners.

Benefits: Builds credibility and trust through social proof, showcasing real-life success stories to potential clients.

Example caption: "Meet the Smiths, another happy family in their dream home! #ClientSuccess"

Best platform: Any platform

Example post:

@denise_reyes_home_loans Testimonials #firsttimehomebuyer#fyp#mortgageloans#rates ♬ original sound - Denise Reyes

3. Mortgage Mythbusters

Debunk common mortgage myths in weekly posts.

Benefits: Dispels misconceptions, empowering followers with accurate information which helps in making informed decisions.

Example caption: “Is a 20% down payment always a must? Today we bust the myth around down payments! #MortgageMythbusters”

Best platform: Any platform

Example post:


4. Infographics

Visual aids that explain the home buying process.

Example caption: "Swipe through our infographic to see how you can glide through the home buying process! #HomeBuyingSimplified"

Benefits: Makes complex information easy to understand and shareable, enhancing engagement and reach.

Best platform: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn

Example post: 


5. Live Q&A Sessions    

Answer followers' mortgage-related questions in real-time.

Example caption: "Got mortgage questions? I've got answers! Join my live Q&A this Friday. #AskMeAnything"

Benefits: Fosters a direct relationship and interaction, demonstrating the loan officer’s commitment to accessibility and personalized service.

Best platform: Live features on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, YouTube

Example post: 

@chris_and_lee_mortgage Since it was so popular, we’re going to do it again, we are going to give the ultimate credit hack on our live in about 10 or 15 minutes. Stay tuned to find out exactly what this is. @LeeMoneyMentor @MoneyMentorChris #credithack #loanofficer #zerodownpayment ♬ Oh Klahoma - Jack Stauber


6. Home Buying Tips    

Daily tips leading up to a big home-buying season.

Example caption: "Tip Tuesday: 5 things to look for at your next open house. #HomeBuyingTips"

Benefits: Provides actionable advice, helping followers to navigate the home-buying process with confidence.

Best platform: Any platform

Example post:

@virginia_mortgage_lender You cant start shopping for homes until you know what your budget is, and the mortgage lender is your guide. We can discuss how much you want to spend monthly and then advise which price point homes to shop in. #househunting #preapproval #howtobuyahouse #howtofindalender #mortgagelender #firsttimehomebuyers #homebuying101 #homebuyingtips ♬ original sound - Tori McConnell Mortgage Lender


7. Loan Process Steps

Break down the steps of obtaining a mortgage.

Example caption: "From application to approval: Understanding your mortgage process. #LoanProcessExplained"

Benefits: Demystifies the loan process, reducing anxiety and preparing clients for what to expect.

Best platform: Instagram and TikTok

Example post: Reply to @user9117499032139 The Loan Process #learnontiktok #personalfinance #tiktokpartner #realestatetiktok #financetiktok ♬ The Big Day - Alex Arias & Alexander Julius Wright


8. Interest Rate Updates

Regular updates on current mortgage rates.

Example caption: "Weekly Rate Alert: Here's what's new in the mortgage market. #RateUpdate"

Benefits: Keeps the audience informed of market trends, helping them to time their mortgage application for the best rates.

Best platform: Instagram, TikTok

Example post: 

@whatsamortgage_ Can the Federal Reserve finally chill with the rate hikes yet? Most are saying yeah, but if you look at the data. Most likley they are. Core CPI drop from 4.8% to 4.7% barely moving the needle. And, most rents are still on the rise across the nation. So don't buy into the "out of the woods" narrative cause we aint out yet. So, are these hikes doing their job? Are you feeling inflation slowdown in your wallet? or still feeling the pinch of raising costs? 🤔 Let's hear how you're holding up down below! #mortgagerates #mortgagerate #mortgageratesdaily #realestatenews #mortgagetips #mortgagenews #homebuyingtip ♬ Sunshine - WIRA


9. Loan Product Spotlights

Highlight different types of mortgage products.

Example caption: "Spotlight on VA Loans: Could this be the right choice for you? #LoanSpotlight"

Benefits: Educates potential borrowers on various loan options, highlighting benefits and encouraging informed product selection.

Best platform: Any platform

Example post:


10. First-Time Homebuyer FAQs

Address common concerns of first-time buyers.

Example caption: "First-time buyers, we’ve got your back! Here’s what you need to know. #FirstHomeFAQs"

Benefits: Eases the concerns of new buyers by providing answers to frequent questions, building trust and authority.

Best platform: TikTok and Instagram Stories

Example post:

@msjessielockhart First time home buyer FAQ 🖤 #happyathome #homebuyingtips #firsthomebuyer #arizonarealtor #fyp #arizona #homebuyer #realtorsoftiktok ♬ original sound - KayRod🤘🏼


11. Mortgage Calculator Demonstrations

Show how to use online mortgage calculators.

Example caption: "Ever wondered how much house you can afford? Let’s crunch those numbers! #MortgageCalculatorDemo"

Benefits: Enables followers to understand their budgeting for a home purchase, providing practical tools for financial planning.

Best platform: TikTok and Instagram Reels

Example post:

@realestatehacks How to calculate your monthly mortgage payment. Comment if you want it. #realtor #realestateinvesting #realty #realestate #excel #realesatetips ♬ empty crown - YAS


12. Credit Score Advice

Tips on improving credit scores for a better mortgage rate.

Example caption: "Boost your credit score with these simple tips. #CreditScoreBoost"

Benefits: Helps followers take actionable steps to improve their credit score, potentially leading to better loan terms.

Best platform: TikTok and Instagram Reels

Example post:


13. Down Payment Strategies

Saving tips and advice for aspiring homeowners.

Example caption: "Start your journey to homeownership with these down payment saving strategies. #DownPaymentGoals"

Benefits: Guides followers on saving for a down payment, making the goal of homeownership more attainable.

Best platform: TikTok and Instagram Reels

Example post:


How To Get Down Payment Money For A Property 💵🏘️

♬ original sound - Thach Nguyen


14. Market Trends Analysis

Share insights on the current housing market.

Example caption: "This month's market trends can help you decide when to buy. #HousingMarketTrends"

Benefits: Informs about market conditions, helping followers to make timely and strategic buying decisions.

Best platform: TikTok, Instagram

Example post:

@lagonimortgagegroup If you can afford the payment, you need to buy NOW. The purchase price is permanent, the rate is temporary -- you can refinance later! #mortgage #investments #interestrates ♬ snowfall (Sped Up) - Øneheart & reidenshi


15. Refinancing Explained

When is it a good idea to refinance?

Example caption: "Refinancing could save you money! Find out if it's time. #RefinanceSmarts"

Benefits: Provides insights on the benefits of refinancing, potentially leading to cost savings for homeowners.

Best platform: TikTok, Instagram

Example post:

@jaimegrealtor What is a refinance and how does it work? #realtor #realtoroftiktok #househacking #jaimehomes #mortgage #buyingahouse #creditscore #realestate #realestateagent #firsttimehomebuyer #firsttimehomebuyer #downpayment #compracasa #sellingahome #housebuyingtips #buyingahome #haywardcalifornia #realtorlife #homebuyingtips ♬ original sound - Jaime Gonzalez


16. Historical Interest Rate Review

Look back at interest rates over time and discuss trends.

Example caption: "A look back at interest rates: how history helps predict the future. #InterestRateHistory"

Benefits: Gives perspective on interest rate trends, aiding in the understanding of the mortgage rate environment.

Best platform: TikTok, Instagram

Example post:


Mortgage interest rates hit 8%

♬ original sound - Freddie Smith


17. Mortgage News

Share updates and news in the mortgage industry.

Example caption: "Hot off the press: the latest mortgage news you should know about. #MortgageNews"

Benefits: Keeps the audience up-to-date, ensuring they have current information that could affect their mortgage decisions.

Best platform: TikTok, Instagram, Facebook

Example post:


18. Housing Law Updates

Inform about changes in housing laws and regulations.

Example caption: "New housing laws passed this week could affect your buying power. #HousingLawUpdate"

Benefits: Alerts followers to legal changes, emphasizing the importance of staying informed on factors that impact homeownership.

Best platform: TikTok, Instagram

Example post:

@whatsamortgage_ Here is how Biden’s new mortgage rule will affect homebuyers with conventional loans. ##homebuyingtips##mortgage##realestate##homebuyertips##firsttimehomebuyer##realestatenews ♬ original sound - Minh Nguyen | Mortgage Expert


19. Investment Property Tips

Advice for buying properties as investments.

Example caption: "Thinking of investing in property? Start with these expert tips. #PropertyInvestment101"

Benefits: Offers guidance for diversifying income streams through property investment, expanding financial opportunities for followers.

Best platform: TikTok, Instagram, Facebook

Example post:


20. Local Market Features

Highlights of the local real estate market and trends.

Example caption: "What makes our local market unique? Here’s the inside scoop. #LocalMarketHighlight"

Benefits: Encourages community engagement and provides hyper-local insights, which is valuable for area-specific clients.

Best platform: TikTok, Instagram

Example post: Replying to @ariesram88 Georgia people: Team Peanuts or Team Peaches? #georgia #GA #georgiarealestate #GArealestate #homebuyer #howtobuyahouse #firsthome #lenderavengers #alwaysbeeducating ♬ original sound - Rebecca: Homebuyers & Mortgage


21. Home Insurance Basics

Basic information on choosing home insurance.

Example caption: "Protect your home with the right insurance. Here's how to choose. #HomeInsuranceBasics"

Benefits: Stresses the importance of securing adequate insurance, ensuring that followers are well-informed and protected.

Best platform: TikTok, Instagram, Facebook

Example post: 

@adelfiainsurance Deep-dive into how homeowners insurance works!! #insurance #homeowners #training #coverage #fyp #foryou #insuranceagency #businessowner ♬ original sound - adelfiainsurance


22. Pre-Approval Importance

Why getting pre-approved should be the first step.

Example caption: "Pre-approval can give you the edge in your home search. Here’s why. #PreApprovalAdvantage"

Benefits: Highlights the benefits of pre-approval, giving potential buyers a competitive advantage in the market.

Best platform: TikTok, Instagram, Facebook

Example post:

@willyhomeloans Why Getting Pre-Approved Is Important 🏠#fyp #mortgagetips ♬ original sound - WillyHomeLoans


23. Home Staging Tips

Tips for staging a home for sale.

Example caption: "Sell your home faster with these effective staging tips. #HomeStagingSecrets"

Benefits: Assists sellers in presenting their home in the best light, potentially reducing selling time and increasing sale prices.

Best platform: TikTok, Instagram, Facebook

Example post: Simple staging tips to sell your house! #staging #realtoroftiktok #christypakhomes ♬ Pieces (Solo Piano Version) - Danilo Stankovic


24. Community Events

Share local events or sponsorships.

Example caption: "Join us at the annual Green Park Community Fair this weekend! #CommunityStrong"

Benefits: Enhances community connection and shows the loan officer's involvement and investment in local activities.

Best platform: TikTok, Facebook, Instagram

Example post: 

@loanwonderwoman Love when local business get together for Community events in downtown Brentwood. Hometown Halloween was a success @soldbybrisalinas. 🎃👻 #brentwood #halloween #events #community #contracosta #wonderwoman #loanwonderwoman #contracostacounty #changehomemortgage #jenniferleong #realtor #lender #trunkortreat #communityevents #halloweenevents2022 ♬ Halloween - KenZie DarkStar


25. Real Estate Partner Features

Collaborate with real estate agents to discuss the market.

Example caption: "Meet our partner agent, Jane Doe, and her take on the current market. #RealEstateInsider"

Benefits: Leverages partnerships to provide comprehensive insights, which can assist followers in understanding the market better.

Best platform: TikTok, Instagram, Facebook

Example post: 

@taylorbrooks75 Having a solid Mortgage Lender and Realtor duo is the key to solid transactions. We are both on your team and will get you to the closing table smoothly!🏠🔑 @maddytrav23 #mortgage #mortgagelender #loanofficer #lender #homeloan #homebuyer #realestate #firsttimehomebuyer #realestate #realtor #credit ♬ original sound - Johnathan Dodson


26. User-Generated Content

Feature posts from clients showing their new homes.

Example caption: "Our clients' dream homes! Tag us in your home photos to be featured. #NewHomeowners"

Benefits: Engages the community by featuring their content, fostering a sense of belonging and shared experiences.

Best platform: TikTok, Instagram

Example post: 

@alongwithjo How we bought our brand new house in California #newhomeowners #milennialcheck #mortgagetips #newhomebuild ♬ Welcome To My House (Remix) - My House


27. Virtual Home Tours

Collaborate with agents to share tours of homes for sale.

Example caption: "Take a virtual tour of this stunning property from the comfort of your couch. #VirtualHomeTour"

Benefits: Provides convenient and accessible property views, expanding reach to potential buyers who can't attend in person.

Best platform: TikTok, Instagram

Example post: 

@jrcaputo In todays market this is how much the down payment and monthly cost could be to own this $540,500 home in Edmonton with @brookfieldyeg 🏡📍 *This is just a scenario and a teaching opportunity. I highly encourage everyone to reach out to a qualified mortgage specialist to learn more about the process* #Edmontonrealestate #Edmontonrealtor #YEGrealestate #YEGrealtor #Edmontonhometour #YEGhometour #YEG #Hometour #mortgage #homebuying #downpayment #learnrealestate ♬ original sound - JRCaputo | YEG Realtor®️


28. Financial Planning Content

How mortgage planning fits into overall financial health.

Example caption: "Integrate your mortgage into your long-term financial plan with these strategies. #FinancialFitness"   

Benefits: Emphasizes the importance of holistic financial planning, which can lead to better financial health and stability.

Best platform: TikTok, Instagram, Facebook

Example post: 

@hermoneymastery How to start planning if your goal is to eventually buy a house. Many factors go into it, but you at least need to figure out how to save a down payment and how to start improving your credit. Play around with different numbers to see what works for you and what you can plan for. Google debt to income ratio requirements and other FHA requirements as well - there are many factors that go into being approved for a home loan. #moneysavingtips #savingschallenge #howtobeahomeowner #howtobuyahouse ♬ Moonlight - Villano


29. Legislation Changes

Updates on mortgage-related laws or tax changes.

Example caption: "New legislation could impact your mortgage. Here’s what you need to know. #MortgageLawUpdate"   

Benefits: Alerts homeowners and buyers to changes that could affect their finances, promoting proactive adjustments to their plans.

Best platform: TikTok, Instagram

Example post: 

@anutterhomeloan #greenscreen how crazy is this?! This is going to open the door to so many opportunities. #anutterhomeloan #realestate #mortgage #firsttimehomebuyer ♬ original sound - Jordan Nutter Mortgage Lender


30. Success Metrics

Share infographics on how many clients you’ve helped.

Example caption: "Proud to have helped over 500 families get their mortgages last year! #SuccessByTheNumbers"   

Benefits: Showcases the loan officer’s experience and success, boosting credibility and track record.

Best platform: TikTok, Instagram, Facebook

Example post: 

@themortgagearchitect I wanted to share a recent success story of a purchase plus improvement mortgage! 🏠 This is a pretty basic mortgage and it’s used when you buy a home where you want to update everything. Usually you would be able to put a purchase plus improvement mortgage on it; Using out of pocket expenses to fix the home and later you are reimbursed and it’s added to your mortgage. ⚒️ Now we got away with doing this for an investor’s owner occupied property. The cool thing was it was far beyond a regular purchase plus improvement and we were able to go through with it because of the way that I pitched it to the bank! 🏦 We were talking about full system changes: HVAC, drywalling and finishing the basement, plus the upstairs. We got away with almost $100, 000 in renovation that was all going to be added to the mortgage amount. 💰 If you go to a bank directly, they don’t always tell you the whole story. 📚 When you work with me, I’ll go to a bank and tell them your goals and dreams and make it sound like a good story. They’re usually on our side when it comes to helping clients as long as it makes sense. 👍 If you have more questions about purchase plus improvement mortgages, feel free to DM me or leave a comment below and we’ll connect to schedule a time to talk!📱 #themortgagearchitect #mortgage #purchase #mortgageagent #improvement #mortgagetips #canadianrealestate #ChathamKentOn #CKOnt #ChathamKent #renovation #expenses ♬ original sound - The Mortgage Architect


31. Mortgage Vocabulary

Define one piece of mortgage jargon each week.

Example caption: "Jargon buster of the week: What is PMI? Let's break it down. #MortgageTermsSimplified"

Benefits: Simplifies industry terminology, making the mortgage process less intimidating and more accessible.

Best platform: TikTok, Instagram, Facebook

Example post: 

@humphreytalks What is PMI? Explained! #personalfinance #tiktokpartner #learnontiktok ♬ original sound - Humphrey Yang


32. Checklists

Provide downloadable checklists for the home-buying or mortgage loan borrowing process.

Example caption: "Here it is! Your ultimate checklist for every document you'll need for your mortgage loan borrowing!"

Benefits:  Providing downloadable checklists is an excellent way to offer tangible, practical help to your audience. These resources simplify the complex process of buying a home, making it more approachable and manageable. Checklists can also drive engagement and interactions, as they encourage potential clients to return to your resources repeatedly. This repeated engagement increases the likelihood of these individuals turning to you for their mortgage needs, as you've established a reputation for providing actionable, helpful content.

Best platform: Facebook

Example post: 


33. Homeowner Stories

Share stories about the joys of home-owning.

Example caption: "Hear from the Johnsons about how owning their home has changed their lives. #HomeownerHappiness"

Benefits: Sharing homeowner stories brings a personal, relatable aspect to your content. These narratives highlight the emotional rewards of homeownership, creating aspirational content that can motivate and inspire your audience. They foster a sense of community and belonging, connecting potential clients to the tangible and emotional benefits of working with you to achieve their homeownership dreams.

Best platform: TikTok, Instagram, Facebook

Example post: 

@freyamoney1 The process and costs of buying our dresm 1st home #processvideo #buyingahouse #costofbuyingahouse #movingday #movingprocess #ourfirsthome #viral #fyp #foryoupage #fypシ゚viral ♬ original sound - Our Home No. 35 🏡


34. “Did You Know?” Series

Fun facts about mortgages and real estate.

Example caption: "Did you know the first mortgage dates back to England in the 1100s? #MortgageTrivia"

Benefits: This series offers engaging, bite-sized content that piques curiosity and educates. It's an excellent way to engage followers casually, encouraging them to see mortgages and real estate from different perspectives, and fostering a more personal connection with your audience.

Best platform: TikTok, Instagram, Facebook

Example post: 

@glenndabaker Reduce the life of your loan 6-8 years with this hack! #GlenndaBaker #RealEstate #AtlantaRealEstate #Mortgage #RealEstateTikTok #GlenndaTok #Hack #InterestRate ♬ original sound - Glennda Baker


35. Security Tips

How to protect personal information during the loan process.

Example caption: "Keep your personal info safe during the mortgage process with these tips. #InfoSec"

Benefits: By providing security tips, you address a crucial aspect of the financial process – data security. This reinforces your commitment to client safety and trust, which is paramount in the financial industry, and can be a key differentiator for your services.

Best platform: TikTok, Instagram

Example post: 

@allaboutmortgages Stop those pre-approved loan offers in the mail and protect your credit privacy with this! #allaboutmortgages #creditadvice #mortgageadvice ♬ Blade Runner 2049 - Synthwave Goose


36. Case Studies

In-depth look at a client's journey from application to closing.

Example caption: "See how the Lopez family navigated their mortgage journey with us. #ClientJourney"

Benefits: Case studies provide real-world examples of how you assist clients, illustrating the practical application of your services. They create narrative-driven content that resonates emotionally, helping potential clients envision themselves achieving similar successes.

Best platform: TikTok, Instagram, Facebook 

Example post: 

@themortgageman_nz Case Study #17 - Buying with a 13% deposit #newzealand #firsthome #kiwisaver ##nzfirsthome #nzmortgage #homeloan #asb #anz #westpac #nzmortgage #interestrate #kiwibuild #mortgagebroker #mortgageadviser #mortgagebrokernz #mortgageadvisernz #CapCut ♬ 528Hz Healing healing BGM - Music create


37. Appraisal Insights

Explain how home appraisals work and why they're important.    

Example caption: "Why does your lender require an appraisal? Let's dive in. #AppraisalInsights"

Benefits: Providing insights into the appraisal process clarifies a typically opaque part of the home buying journey. It educates clients on important aspects of their transaction, fostering an understanding of the overall process and your role in it.

Best platform: Instagram, TikTok

Example post: 

@virginia_mortgage_lender Did you think you were going to be charged for your appraisal twice when buying a house? #appraisal #closingcosts #loanestimateexplained #mortgagetips #homebuying101 #homebuyer #firsttimehomebuyer #virginiamortgagelender ♬ original sound - Tori McConnell Mortgage Lender


38. Holiday Posts

Posts celebrating national holiday or certain national days like "National Dog Day"    

Example caption: "Stay tuned for daily tips on home buying and mortgage savings! #MortgageTipsDaily"

Benefits: Holiday-themed posts tap into the seasonal spirit, creating a more personal and relatable connection with your audience. They can be used to highlight special holiday offers, share warm wishes, or provide seasonal tips related to home buying or homeownership. This type of content helps humanize your brand, showing that your business is about more than just transactions; it's about being part of the community and sharing in its celebrations. Such posts can boost engagement by aligning with the festive mood of your audience, making your social media presence more vibrant and dynamic.

Best platform: Facebook, Instagram

Example post: 


39. Loan Officer Interviews

Feature colleagues to discuss different aspects of the job.    

Example caption: "Meet our loan officer, Mark, and learn about his approach to helping you finance your home. #MeetTheTeam"

Benefits: Interviews with team members humanize your brand and introduce the people behind the services. This approach builds a personal connection with your audience, fostering trust and approachability in your business.

Best platform: TikTok, Instagram, Facebook

Example post: 

@cmbrokersnmls1938889 Meet our newest loan officer! Andrew Swatkowski has been in the industry for two years and he is your go-to guy for your refinancing and purchasing needs! Give him a call at 417-839-5287. #cmb #loanofficer #welcometotheteam #mortgage #broker ♬ original sound - Community Mortgage Brokers


40. Real Estate Agent Advice

Tips for choosing a real estate agent.    

Example caption: "Choosing the right real estate agent is crucial. Here's what to consider. #AgentAdvice"

Benefits: Offering advice on selecting a real estate agent positions you as a helpful advisor in the broader home-buying process. It showcases your commitment to the client's overall success, not just the mortgage aspect, enhancing trust and credibility.

Best platform: TikTok, Instagram

Example post: 

@vanessaaragonrealtor Choose wisely 👩🏻‍💻 #realtor #homebuyer #realestate #tips #learn ♬ original sound - Vanessa Aragon


41. Budgeting for Homeownership

Financial prep for future homeowners.    

Example caption: "Budgeting for your future home starts now. Here’s how. #BudgetForHome"

Benefits: Budgeting advice helps potential homeowners start their journey on solid financial footing. This guidance is crucial for long-term planning and showcases your role as a comprehensive financial advisor, not just a loan officer.

Best platform: TikTok, Instagram, Facebook

Example post: 

@ashallaboutmoney When we are budgeting to buy a home, there are multiple things to consider. You’ll need to have money in savings for down payment and closing costs for when that time comes, you want to have your credit score improved as much as you can and they’ll also take into account our debt to income ratio. Save as much as you can between now and then and get the credit card debt paid down. Eliminating some of the spending will help with both of these things and I would also start budgeting monthly and every time you get paid. #budget #budgeting #budgetingtips #howto ♬ original sound - AshAllAboutMoney


42. Mortgage Application Tips

Best practices for a smooth application process.    

Example caption: "Applying for a mortgage? Follow these steps for a smoother process. #MortgageApplicationTips"

Benefits: Sharing application tips can simplify what can be an overwhelming process. This helpful guidance can alleviate anxiety and demonstrates your commitment to helping clients navigate the mortgage landscape with ease.

Best platform: TikTok, Instagram

Example post: 

@mortgagemandy Top 10 things to know when getting a mortgage (as told by @Elyse Myers) #elysemyers #howtobuyahouse #firsttimehomebuyer #mortgagetips #mortgageadvice #realestate #loanofficersoftiktok #education #california @mortgagemandy ♬ original sound - Mandy | Mortgage Lender


43. Mortgage for Self-Employed

Special considerations for independent contractors.    

Example caption: "Self-employed? Here’s how you can prepare for a mortgage. #SelfEmployedMortgages"

Benefits: Addressing the unique challenges faced by the self-employed fills a niche need, providing valuable information to a specific segment of your audience. This can strengthen your relationship with these clients, showing understanding of their specific circumstances.

Best platform: TikTok, Instagram

Example post: 

@themortgagekitchen 3 tips to get a mortgage if you’re SELF-EMPLOYED 🏡 #mortgage #mortgagetips #mortgageadvice ♬ Aesthetic Girl - Yusei


44. Instagram/Facebook Stories

Quick daily tips, reminders, or market updates.    

Example caption: "Stay tuned for daily tips on home buying and mortgage savings! #MortgageTipsDaily"

Benefits: Utilizing stories for quick tips and updates creates an ongoing engagement loop. This keeps your audience consistently informed and connected to your brand, fostering regular interaction and keeping you top-of-mind for mortgage needs.

Best platform: Instagram, Facebook

Example post: 



45. Renovation Financing

How to finance and budget for home renovations.    

Example caption: "Turn your house into your dream home with renovation financing options. #RenovationFinancing"

Benefits: Discussing renovation financing options helps clients see the possibilities beyond the initial purchase. It opens up discussions about additional services and provides comprehensive financial guidance, deepening client relationships.

Best platform: TikTok, Instagram

Example post: 

@loansbydan Looking to remodel or expand your home? Since so many homeowners have crazy-low interest rates on their current mortgage, I have seen an uptick in folks wanting to stay put in their current home and do renovations or additions rather than sell their home and buy a new one at today’s higher rates. Here are three different loans that you can use to remodel your home. Each has their pros and cons, so talk to your trusted mortgage professional to determine which is the best fit for you! #remodel #renovation #homeimprovement #addition #extrabedroom #morespace #squarefootage #interestrates #construction #gobuyahome ♬ My Way - 2008 Remastered - Frank Sinatra


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At SocialCoach, we've created a platform for you to plan and schedule your social media content. With a built-in compliance control to keep all of your posts compliant and an asset library to store all of your content for posting, SocialCoach makes social media easy for loan officers.

With Video Catalyst, SocialCoach users get 4 ready-to-film scripts for short form videos delivered every month that loan officers film and send to SocialCoach, getting professionally edited content monthly. It makes publishing high-engagement social media content easier than ever.

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