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TikTok Guides: How to Duet on TikTok [with Examples]

How to Duet a Video on Tiktok (1)

What is a “Duet” on TikTok?

Whether you are creating social media content for mortgage or real estate, Duets is a feature that allows TikTok users to create content by responding to, interacting with, or complementing an existing video posted by another user. 

It enables two videos to be played simultaneously, side by side, creating a split-screen effect. The original video appears on one side, while the new, user-created content is displayed on the other.

This innovative format fosters a sense of community and collaboration within the TikTok platform, allowing for a diverse range of creative expressions.

How to Duet a video on TikTok (with examples)

In order to Duet a video on TikTok, follow these simple steps:

  1. Find a video that you want to Duet
  2. Tap Share on the video
  3. Choose from the 4 different Duet options (green screen, horizontal split, vertical split, PiP (picture-in-picture)
  4. Tap Record to begin recording your Duet. Tapping Record again will pause the video you are Duetting
  5. Press the red check mark to end recording.
  6. Use the TikTok tools to edit your Duet
  7. Add a written caption and hashtags
  8. Make any additional settings changes
  9. Tap Post to publish your Duet.

Requirements for Dueting a video on TikTok

In order to Duet a video on TikTok, the original creator must have Duets turned on. This setting is chosen when a video is originally published, but can be edited to allow for duetting after the fact.

Your privacy settings also must be public if you are going to be creating Duets. TikTok does not want users creating duets where the original creator cannot see the Duet.

Why am I not seeing the option to duet a video on TikTok?

When you go to Duet a video, you may not see the option. Generally, if you do not see the option to Duet a TikTok video, that means that the original creator has turned off the option to Duet their video.

Duets are allowed by default but can be disabled when publishing a video.

The option to Duet a video can also be restricted to certain audiences. Below are the privacy options available to creators for allowing Duets:

  • Everyone: Selecting Everyone allows anyone to Duet a video
  • Followers that you follow back: If you choose this permission and you have Duet turned on, then only people you follow and who follow you back can Duet with your videos
  • Only me: Prevents anyone from creating a Duet with your videos

Don’t see the Duet option in the Share menu?

If you don’t see the option to Duet a video in the Share menu, this means that the original creator of the video that you are attempting to Duet has disabled the ability to duet their content or has restricted Duets.

In this case, you will not be able to Duet until this is changed by the original creator.

TikTok Stitches vs Duets: What’s the difference?

Stitches and Duets on TikTok serve similar purposes but are different from each other in meaningful ways that are important to remember.

First, while Duets are a side-by-side reaction to a video, Stitches contain a 5 second clip of the video you are responding to before your video pops up afterwards. Stitches are great for longer, fuller explanations of other videos while Duets are good for reacting to certain parts of a video while it is happening.

How can loan officers and real estate agents use Duets?

When it comes to a community-focused app like TikTok, being a part of that community is crucial. 

The more that you engage with a community, the more you understand them and can better learn and answer their questions. 

Duets is one way that loan officers and real estate professionals can use social media to engage with other creators and use their content to improve your own. It also allows for you to provide your own take on videos that are doing well that speak to the industry and industry updates.

TikTok Duet Examples

There are plenty of great examples of TikTok stitches that mortgage and real estate professionals can reference as great examples. Below you’ll find a few examples of each.

Mortgage TikTok Duet Examples

Duets are wildly popular in the mortgage TikTok space, with some of the biggest mortgage TikTok creators using them daily.

@colormycredit #duet with @themortgagecreator That's right my brother! Preach! You need to know the maximum HOUSE PAYMENT you can afford more than the PURCHASE PRICE you are approved for! #colormycredit #mortgage #preapproved #homebuying ♬ original sound - Nate Fain


Real Estate TikTok Duet Examples

@daphnebousquetrealestate #duet with @Freddie Smith Owning a home is smart math. Here is only 1 reason why home owners net worth is so much higher than that of renters #realestatemath #homeownership ♬ original sound - Freddie Smith


How to see Duets on TikTok

If you’re looking for Duets on TikTok, whether you want to see what people are creating, or get an idea of the best way to create a Duet, you can use the TikTok search bar. 

Simply enter #duet in the search bar and then follow that with whatever topic you would like to see a Duet of.

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