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SocialCoach January 2024 Release Notes

Howdy SocialCoach fans! With another month comes another great release of features and quality-of-life updates that are accessible to you now in the SocialCoach app.

New Compliance Feed

The SocialCoach Compliance Feed is getting a facelift and some amazing new features. Our primary focus for these changes is to make it even easier for you to stay compliant with your social media posts. See all the new updates in the image below and a brief description with the corresponding number.

Screenshot at Jan 25 10-42-45
  1. Post media (including videos) is now displayed right from the feed, without having to click through each post to see what was shared, which should make it even easier for compliance teams to quickly review social media posts via the Compliance Manager tool

  2. Flagged words are now highlighted in the feed to easily see where you might need to review the caption.

  3. With this release, we are not only just scanning the caption, but all images and videos published through SocialCoach will be scanned as well!

NOTE: For the first part of this new feature, we are only flagging detected content in images and videos and reporting it in the Compliance Feed. Within the next month, we expect to fully enable the capability of preventing posts with blocked words found in the image or video. In the meantime, only posts with blocked words in the caption will be automatically prevented from being posted.

  1. We’ve updated the social network links so you can see which platforms this post was published to, with quick links to each individual post.

  2. The source link shows where a post came from to help you track down any changes you might need to make to your managed content in the SocialCoach Library.
  3. No changes have been made to our amazing review process. You can still request changes and update the status from the person who posted right from the Compliance Feed.

Video Catalyst Updates

New Default Video Credits

The default number of video credits for SocialCoach+ users has been increased from 4 video credits per month to 8 video credits!

That's right! Now Video Catalyst users receive an additional 4 Video Catalyst credits every month.

iOS Bug Fixes (Coming this weekend)

There are a number of small bug fixes that will be accompanying this release over the weekend:

Upload speed for Video Catalyst

We have made an update that should improve the upload times for Video Catalyst users.

UI Improvements for Video Catalyst

We made some small updates to the Video Catalyst project page that fixes some alignment/sizing issues seen on some iOS devices.


Other Bug Fixes

Library Prompts with Banned Words

If a Library Prompt contains a banned word in the caption, hashtag, image or video, we now show a warning message and do not allow Coaches to save or post that prompt.

Screenshot 2024-01-22 at 12.57.42 PM.png

Large videos posted to TikTok

We fixed an issue where some larger videos posted to TikTok were failing.

Fix to searching campaigns

After our last update some clients have been experiencing issues with the search bar on the Campaigns page. This has been fixed.