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10 Social Media Tips for Mortgage Brokers to Maximize Business

10 Social Media Tips for Mortgage Brokers to Maximize Business Blog Banner

In today's digital age, social media has become an indispensable tool for mortgage brokers looking to expand their reach, engage with clients, and ultimately grow their business. While many mortgage professionals understand the importance of having a social media presence, not all are maximizing its potential. 

To help you make the most out of your social media marketing efforts, we've compiled a list of ten essential tips tailored specifically for mortgage brokers.

1. Promote Your Local Area, Not Just Loan Options

Beyond basic loan information, homebuyers are often interested in learning more about the neighborhoods they're considering. As a mortgage broker, you can differentiate yourself by offering deeper insights into the communities you serve. 

Share local market trends, school district ratings, nearby amenities, and other relevant information that can help potential buyers make informed decisions and build your credibility as a local expert.

When creating content, think to yourself – what can you tell potential buyers about the area that a quick Google search can’t?

Ideas to Promote Your Local Area on Social Media:

  • Visit or review local restaurants & cafes once a week or every month
  • Talk about your favorite lunch spots and what you order off the menu
  • Show off how many stores of a certain type (grocery, Target, etc) are within a specific radius
  • Film educational content while running errands (going through a car wash, in a Trader Joe’s parking lot, etc)
  • Spotlight local small businesses or amenities that other neighborhoods or areas may not have (Little Free Libraries, boutique stores, parks, etc)


2. Be Yourself, Not Who You Think You Should Be

In a sea of generic content, authenticity stands out. Clients crave personal connections, and generic ghostwritten content falls short. 

Don't be afraid to showcase your personality on social media.

Whether it's sharing personal anecdotes, behind-the-scenes glimpses of your workday, or your thoughts on industry news, letting your personality shine through fosters genuine conversations with your audience that lay the foundation for meaningful connections.

Sample Ideas for Social Media:

  • Identify activities, hobbies, or moments that make you happy and get in the routine of sharing them consistently (daily cup of coffee, meme of the week, sunset photos, outfit of the day, what you’re currently reading/watching/listening to, items you collect, etc)
  • Outside of work activities that your audience may share your interest in (dog walks, exercise routines, favorite recipes, local events, favorite sports teams or hobbies)
  • Activities, chores, or tasks you DON’T like doing (household chores, cleaning a messy desk, daily commute, etc) – many people love to complain, so find something they can relate to!
  • Hot takes or opinions – nothing too controversial of course, but sharing something people can react positively or negatively to can invite extra engagement (ex. Talking about popular food items you’ve never tried or don’t like, sharing topics you think are over- or under-rated, asking or answering would you rather questions, choosing between two items, creating a list ranking items in a category, etc)


3. Educate Your Audience Before They Become Buyers

One of the most valuable services you can provide to your clients is education.

Leverage your social media platforms to share informative content about the mortgage process, common pitfalls to avoid, tips for improving credit scores, and other relevant topics. 

By positioning yourself as a trusted advisor, you can build credibility and attract potential clients. You’ll be the one they come to for advice, which is more likely to lead to future business or referrals.

Sample ideas:

  • How much home can you afford with [income], [credit score], [debt amount], and [down payment amount]?
  • 3 things homeowners should be doing one year after buying their home
    If you’ve lived in your home for over 5 years, here are three opportunities you may not know are now available to you…
  • Why you should absolutely NOT _____ and should do ____ instead
  • What you need to know if you want to buy a home in [local area]
  • The biggest piece of financial advice I always tell people is…
  • If I’m someone who wants to buy a home in the next 5-10 years, this is what I would be doing right now to make that possible…


4. Engage Authentically with Your Audience

Social media is all about engagement, which is why many potential clients favor quick responses to inquiries on platforms like Facebook and Twitter over phone calls.

Put your best foot forward by promptly engaging with messages and starting dialogues with followers to connect with potential buyers early in the process.

By engaging in conversations and addressing their questions and concerns, you can build rapport and establish yourself as a responsive and reliable resource.

Sample ideas:

  • Include a question in all of your social media posts – bonus points if it’s a question that requires a more detailed answer than “yes”, “no”, “maybe”, or “sometimes”
  • Share an opinion and ask if your audience agrees with you
  • Share a story or experience and ask your audience if they’ve experienced something similar, or how they would have reacted in your shoes
  • Ask your audience for input on content topics they’d like to see, small decisions you make throughout the day, or trending topics that interest you 


5. Provide Value Beyond Sales Pitches

While it's essential to promote your services, avoid bombarding your followers with sales pitches. Instead, focus on providing value by addressing common questions and concerns related to mortgages and homeownership.

Turn these inquiries into valuable social media posts to keep your audience engaged and returning for more.

By positioning yourself as a helpful resource rather than a salesperson, you'll attract and retain a more engaged audience in a way that feels less sales-y and more sincere.

Sample ideas for pitching yourself more authentically:

  • Lead by addressing problems and challenges your audience faces, then present valuable and useful solutions
  • List the biggest objections you hear from prospects or clients, then explain how you would respond
  • Share client experiences that involve challenges and how you navigated or overcame them (or if you weren’t able to, what the unavoidable issue was that potential clients should avoid repeating)
  • Share relevant news updates and break down what it means for your audience directly, and how you can provide additional support if needed


6. Embrace Feedback & Respond Constructively

In the world of social media, engagement is key, which is why you should do your best to promptly respond to commenters on social media with the goal of starting a conversation and keeping it going as long as possible. 

As tempting as it may be to ignore or delete negative comments, that can seem deceptive to your audience, so instead it’s best to respond to both positive and negative comments in a way that keeps the conversation constructive and respectful. 

Though it’s fine to ignore or remove spam comments, showing compassion to real followers who are experiencing genuine frustration can help win favor (and future business!).

By addressing feedback and concerns transparently, you demonstrate your commitment to customer service and professionalism. 

Sample ideas:

  • Respond to negative comments about market conditions with a sympathetic explanation of why people might be experiencing challenges right now, and what support you might be able to offer
  • Respond to incorrect comments by saying, “Thank you for commenting this so I can talk about it more in-depth,” then gently discuss why they may be misunderstanding the situation
  • If someone disagrees with you, thank them for sharing their opinion and use it to either explore their perspective (and ask people who agree to chime in), or kindly provide additional evidence for why you are sticking with your original opinion or statement


7. Don't Forget the Value of Video Content

Video marketing is crucial for forging emotional connections with potential clients. 

Whether it's educational videos, client testimonials, or behind-the-scenes tours of properties, video allows you to connect with your audience on a deeper level.

Not only will your audience begin to recognize you on-sight, but they’ll feel like they better understand your personality and what it would be like to work with you.

Platforms like YouTube also offer SEO benefits, which is vital for helping you improve your visibility and attract new clients.

Sample ideas:

  • Try a “question of the week” series where you record a video answering a question that is commonly asked by clients or sourced directly from your network
  • Create video series of 3-5 videos that are under 2 minutes each and go more in depth on topics like building strong credit or what to expect from the mortgage application process
  • Use visuals like a whiteboard, notepad, mortgage calculator, or sample documents to answer questions or show clients what to expect from the mortgage process
  • Sign up for Video Catalyst to receive a weekly video prompt and 3 pre-written scripts that you can use to film new video content every week with ease! Learn more here.


8. Tailor Your Content for All Types of Clients

Diversify your content to cater to a wide range of audiences. From first-time homebuyers to seasoned investors, your social media strategy should address the needs and interests of all potential clients. 

Though incredibly niche videos likely won’t have as large of a reach, they can provide unparalleled value to more concentrated audiences with higher conversion potential.

Try balancing a mix of hyper-specific content with more widely-applicable (but still lesser-known) content, such as financial advice that is applicable to everyone – not just homebuyers.

Click here for our 45 mortgage social media content ideas to help you diversify your social media posts.

Utilize platforms like TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn to reach different demographics and engage with diverse audiences. You never know who you'll connect with!

Quick tip: Try to avoid presenting content in a way that is “too generic” to be applicable.

For example, saying “3 tax tips for current homeowners” is fine. But “3 tax breaks that homeowners should make sure they’re taking advantage of” is stronger. And even better? “If you’ve lived in your home for over 3 years, here are 3 tax breaks you should qualify for as a homeowner”.

See the difference? When going niche, try to dig 3 layers deep:

Draft 1: Refinancing tips for current homeowners 
Draft 2: How to know if you’re ready to refinance
Draft 3: It’s been over a year since you bought your home, here’s what you should be doing…

It takes practice and a little extra time, but creating more compelling content titles and intros will help you increase viewership and engagement. And when in doubt, ChatGPT can always help you get started with inspiration!

Here’s a sample ChatGPT prompt I use to brainstorm ideas when I feel stuck:

Sample prompt:
Write a list of stronger, more niche video hooks or titles for the topic "refinancing tips for current homeowners.”


9. Don't Ignore Your Existing Clients

Your past and current clients are valuable assets. Invite them to follow you on social media and encourage them to share their experiences with others. 

That way, your posts are exposed to richer communities of shared experiences and advice from those who have already worked with you to complete their home buying or selling journey – hopefully resulting in more business directed your way without needing to chase down new clients.

By nurturing these relationships and staying top-of-mind, you can generate referrals and repeat business.

Sample ideas:

  • Add your social media handles to your website, business card, email signature, marketing materials, etc
  • Ask previous or current clients to answer 1-3 simple questions about the mortgage process and their experience that you can then use for content (ex. What is one thing about the process you didn’t expect? What was your favorite or least favorite part of the process? What is something you didn’t know before applying for a mortgage that you think other people should know?)
  • Ask or prompt your social media audience to share their experiences using question stickers or videos, polls, or by reacting to skits re-enacting specific situations


10. Make Content for Your Audience, Not Yourself

Finally, always prioritize your audience's needs and interests over your own preferences. Social media success hinges on resonating with your followers, not just catering to your personal preferences. 

Monitor engagement metrics, gather feedback, and use tools like polls and question stickers to understand what resonates with your followers. By tailoring your content to their preferences, you'll create more meaningful connections and drive better results.

Sample ideas:

  • Ask your audience – are you more interested in learning more about [this] or [that]?
  • What is the craziest homebuying story you’ve ever heard? Here’s mine.
    What is a question about the mortgage or home buying process you feel too embarrassed to ask?
  • Let me answer it – I bet someone else has the same question.
  • What was the interest rate/monthly payment when you bought your first home? What is the highest or lowest interest rate you’ve ever heard of someone paying?
  • Try using comments from your own posts and posts from other professionals in your network to inspire new content ideas.

We all know that mastering social media marketing is essential for mortgage brokers looking to thrive in today's competitive landscape – but it can be difficult to know where to start, or how to level up your content once you’ve figured out the basics. 

By following these ten tips and consistently engaging with your audience, you can build brand awareness, establish credibility, and ultimately grow your business. So don't wait any longer—start implementing these strategies today and watch your social media presence soar!


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Just remember, social media success doesn't happen overnight – it takes time, consistency, and a genuine commitment to providing value to your audience.

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