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Introducing Video Catalyst

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Ready to tap into the game-changing power of video marketing? Now you can easily create professional-quality videos in record time with SocialCoach's powerful new video marketing tool for loan officers: Video Catalyst. 

3 Easy Steps to Video Marketing Success

Want to get in the video marketing game but not sure where to start? Start with Video Catalyst. Everything you need to revolutionize your video marketing game is here.


1. We write the scripts for you ✍️

With Video Catalyst, you never have to wonder what to say on video ever again. Each month, we'll send you 4 professionally written video scripts that are ready for you to record. 

2. You record from your phone 🤳

No, you don't need an expensive camera or a professional studio. All you need is your smartphone and a well-lit space. Then just press record, read the script, and send it back to us (we'll take it from there).

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3. We edit and post your video 🤯

Once we get your video back, our team of video pros will: 

👉 Add music to set the mood and enhance the message
👉 Create dynamic captions to keep your readers engaged
👉 Drop in gifs and emojis to make it entertaining

After the editing is completed, we'll upload your videos to your SocialCoach account and post it for you.

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